The Application Process

To learn about the schools you want to apply to, first research what high schools are the best fit and match for you. To know which schools are your best match, your counselor will have a letter that lists the types of schools you can apply to. The list of schools comes from your 7th grade NWEA scores and 7th grade final grades. To find out which schools are the best fit for you, use the "Search School" tab.

From October 3rd through December 9th, you will apply to the different types of schools you are eligible to attend. You may apply online or use paper applications. For centralized programs (Selective Enrollment, Military, Magnet, CTE, and IB), use the website to apply online. If you use paper applications, you will submit each separately to CPS or directly to individual schools for non-centralized programs.

High schools will begin sending you acceptance letters in early March. You and your family will have a few weeks to choose the best fit and match high school.

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