What Do The Numbers Mean?

Different numbers show if a school will support you in high school. Each number tells you how students do in high school, from start to finish. Some of these numbers will be percents, also called a rate. A percent shows how many students, out of all of the students, this definition is true for. The higher the number, the more students are succeeding at that school.

You can measure how students do during their first year of high school by looking at the percent of students who are Freshman On-Track. Freshman On-Track means to pass all but one of your classes during Freshman Year. This is important because a student who is Freshman On-Track is 4 times more likely to graduate than a student who is not Freshman On-Track. The higher the Freshman On-Track rate, the more freshman are likely to graduate.

You can measure how students do while in high school by looking at the school’s Attendance Rate, ACT average score, and the Graduation Rate. The school’s Attendance Rate shows what percent of students come to school. The ACT average score explains how students perform at a school. The average ACT score at CPS is 18, with a highest possible score on the test of a 36. The school’s Graduation Rate tells us what percent of seniors graduate in four years. This shows you how many students at that school make it through all of high school.

After students graduate from high school, CPS wants to know if they decide to go to college. CPS measures this with the College Enrollment. This shows how many of the graduating students from that high school enroll in a college in the fall.

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